Меры веса, длины, объема и площади - Иностранные языки

Вес 1 ounce (oz) = 28.35 grams (g) 16 ounces = 1 pound (lb) = 0.45 kilogram (kg) 2.2 pounds = 1 kilogram 14 pounds = 1 stone = 6.350 kilograms 1 tonne (metric ton) = 2,204.6 pounds = 1000 kilograms 1 ton (UK) = 2240 pounds = 1016 kilograms 1 ton (US) = 2000 pounds = 907 kilograms Длина 1 inch (in) = 25.4 millimetres (mm) 12 inches = 1 foot (ft) = 0.3 metre (m) 3 feet = 1 yard (yd) = 0.9 metre 1.76 yards = 1 mile (m) = 1.6 kilometres (km) 5 miles = 8 kilometres Объем 1 pint (pt) = 0.568 litre (lt) (UK) = 0.473 litre (US) 8 pints = 1 gallon (gal) = 4.546 litres (UK) = 3.785 litres (US) Площадь 1 acre (ac) = 4.84 square yards = 4047 square metres = 0.4 hectares (ha) 1 square mile = 640 acres = 259 hectares

I. Напишите следующие количественные числительные словами и образуйте соответствующие порядковые числительные:

0; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 19; 21; 28; 30; 44; 52; 65; 76; 83; 99; 100; 237; 1700; 5689; 10,201; 600,000.

II. Напишите цифрами следующие слова:

Nought; third; fifth; eighth; ninth; twelfth; sixteen; forty; fifties; eightieth; one hundred first; three hundred and sixty-eight; eleven hundredth; nine thousand five hundred and twenty-four; seven million seventeen.

III. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа:

1. I make seven (hundred / hundreds) dollars a month.

2. See (– / the) page sixty-five for more details.

3. Today is (twenty-nine / the twenty-ninth) of May.

4. See (table 1 / the 1 table) for reference and some general examples.

5. He wrote a (five-thousand / five-thousandth) words report.

6. Our office is on the (twelveth / twelfth) floor.

7. We had a friendly talk between the (three / third) of us.

8. The public administration reform started in the (1990s / 1990).

9. If you want to call a fire brigade, phone (one zero and one / one o one).

10. All flights to Rome depart from (the Terminal Four / Terminal Four).

11. She graduated from the University in (the year 2012 / 2012 year).

12. Mr. Hubert resigned from the chairmanship when he was well over (seventy / seventies).

13. She regulates her life carefully, devoting at least (five-sixth / five-sixths) of her free time to doing sports.

14. Community, social and personal services rank (second / secondth) among the service industries in the UK.

15. More than (80 per cent / 80 percents) of the lecturers at the Academy are middle-aged.

16. (The Fifth / Five) Amendment to the Constitution was under steady reactionary fire.

17. How long has this party been in power? ~ For (one year and half / one and a half years).

18. Although she was in her (sixtieth / sixties), she looked and acted like a very young woman.

19. (Louis the XIV / the XIV Louis), France’s Sun King, had the longest reign in European history.

20. (Three quarters of / Three quarter) of my earnings (go / goes) in public utilities payment.

IV. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа:

1. There … thirty-one … in January.

a. is; day c. are; days

b. are; day d. is; days

2. Recently the company has made … employees redundant.

a. dozen c. dozen of

b. dozens d. dozens of

3. To collect your documents go to … .

a. second window c. the two window

b. window two d. the window second

4. A typical working day for me finishes at … .

a. 5.30 p.m. c. 5.30 p.m. in the evening

b. 5.30 o’clock d. half to six

5. He began to feel more financially secure in his late … .

a. fifty c. fiftieth

b. fifties d. fiftieth’s

6. English is the native language for … speakers worldwide.

a. million c. millions

b. million of d. millions of

7. The city council building was built in the … century.

a. eighteenth c. eightieth

b. eighteens d. eighteenths

8. We have been waiting for the delivery for almost … .

a. one and a half month c. a month and half

b. a month and a half d. one and half months

9. We are happy to announce that we have recently reached our … customer!

a. one thousandth c. a thousand

b. thousands d. one thousand

10. … of England held the balance with less delicacy, but with a stronger hand.

a. Henry Eight c. Henry the Eighth

b. The Eighth Henry d. Henry Eighth

11. In the early … , there was a marked improvement in the economies of most Asian countries.

a. ninetieth c. nineteens

b. nineties d. nineteenth

12. I’ve warned you … times not to sign any documents without reading.

a. thousands c. a thousand

b. a thousand of d. thousand of

13. Social policy in … was characterised by change and controversy.

a. the noughties c. the noughtieth

b. noughties d. noughtieth

14. The total population of the USA is more than three … people.

a. hundreds millions c. hundred million of

b. hundred million d. hundreds millions of

15. About … our staffers … young men aged 30-35.

a. three fifths of; are c. three fifth; is

b. third fifth; are d. three five of; is

16. The survey showed that up to … of UK employers … part-time and temporary workers.

a. 90 per cents; use c. 90 of per cent; uses

b. 90 of per cents; uses d. 90 per cent; use

17. Unemployment rate presently stands at … .

a. one million four hundred thousands

b. one million four hundreds thousands

c. one million four hundred thousand

d. one million four hundred of thousand

18. … annual international conference will be held on … .

a. The fourths; February 2 c. The fourth; the 2nd of February

b. Four; 2 February d. Fourth; February the 2nd

19. In the United States about … a ton of waste … generated for each person.

a. two-thirds; are c. two-third of; are

b. two-thirds of; is d. two-third; is

20. The share of machine building and metal working accounts for … of the total industrial output of the district.

a. three eight point two per cents c. thirty-eight comma two per cents

b. three eight comma two per cent d. thirty-eight point two per cent

V. Переведите на английский язык фрагмент предложения, данный в скобках. Все цифры напишите словами:

1. Belarus fought successfully in (Второй мировой войне).

2. The President’s wife is called the (Первая Леди).

3. Rumour has it that (трое из) the supervisors are going to resign next week.

4. The opening ceremony will start tomorrow at (11 часов) in the morning.

5. Our country declared its independence at the end of (двадцатого века).

6. Every (четвертый) year of (366 дней) is called a leap year.

7. The number of Ministers has been reduced to (две трети).

8. Now my brother is in his (сорок лет). It’s high time for him to make his way in life.

9. King’s College in Cambridge was founded at the times of (Генри Восьмого).

10. A. Lukashenko became the President of the Republic of Belarus in (1994 году).

11. The continents occupy (тридцать процентов) of the earth’s surface.

12. We are expecting a lot of guests to celebrate the company’s (двухсотлетний) anniversary.

13. There was an order that lunch breaks were to be (полчаса) and no longer.

14. Anthropologists think that man has existed for as long as (шесть миллионов лет).

15. All relevant material on European law is in (седьмой главе третьего тома).

16. In the middle of (шестидесятых годов) many European countries experienced an economic boom.

17. My new secretary is a (двадцатипятилетняя) woman with a good knowledge of two foreign languages.

18. (Ноль) degree Celsius is (тридцать два) degrees Fahrenheit.

19. The experiment will last for (250 дней). Today is the (249-й) day.

20. (Сотни) people from all over the world attended the World Oil Congress in Moscow on (15 июня) 2014.

VI. Расскажите о себе и о своей стране, ответив на следующие вопросы. Обратите внимание на употребление числительных:

1. When were you born?

2. How many days are there till your next birthday?

3. How old are your parents?

4. What is your home address?

5. What is your telephone number?

6. What size are you in clothes?

7. When did you enter the Academy?

8. What year student are you now?

9. At what time do you usually get up?

10. How long does it take you to get to the Academy?

11. How much does it cost you to get to the Academy by public transport?

12. How do you rank among the other students of your group in educational progress?

1. What area does the Republic of Belarus occupy? (207 600 km2)

2. How many people live here? (9 465 500)

3. When was the capital of your country founded? (1067) How old is it now?

4. When did Belarus proclaim its independence? (25.08.1991)

5. What was the gross domestic product of Belarus in 2013? (BR636,8 trillion = $67,31 billion)

6. What is the share of agriculture in Belarus’ economic output? (1/7)

7. What is the level of registered unemployment in Belarus? (0.5%)

8. How far is it from Minsk to Moscow? (700 km)

VII. Прочитайте анекдот, а затем опишите свои способности и таланты по формуле, предложенной Мистером Темптером:

Mr. Tempter is talking to a young charming woman:

“I’m ten per cent lover, eight per cent poet and two per cent chief executive. The rest, I’m afraid, is water.”

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